On the one hand, the Swedish loan market has never been easier than going to today.

The Internet has resulted in a number of new types of loans and payment options, eg. loans with Bank ID

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On the other hand, the variety of loan offerings may have meant that borrowers have reduced indulgence and understanding of having to borrow money. Often, people cannot understand and see the difference between the different loans. People cannot work out which loan is the cheapest. They feel cheated many times and feel that their loans were much more expensive than expected.

When you apply for a loan today in the Swedish loan market, most of the loan application is found online instead. Many say they have not considered turning to the bank. One can therefore wonder why people are increasingly choosing banks.

Is it because of the convenience or is it because you do not want to face a bank advisor? Or is it just because it is the fastest offer? Of course, there are different types of loans that are best suited for a personal meeting with your course advisor. When you need to buy a house or need a loan to a company, it is generally not recommended that you take care of everything from your sofa at home.

Loan with Bank ID – Money in your account today.

Loan with Bank ID - Money in your account today.

Lenders are many and they are all in fierce competition for customers. Therefore, they constantly try to improve their service to the customers. It is especially about opening hours. Thus, the customer can get in touch with the lender and get a loan with Bank ID. It’s also about speed. How quickly the customer can receive the money.

Therefore, many have introduced loans with Bank ID. Borrowing with Bank ID is the fastest way to get the hang of all types of loans. Whether it’s an SMS loan, fast loan or a traditional consumer loan, the whole loan process becomes much easier and faster if you do it with Bank ID.

When you use Bank ID for a loan application, the whole process becomes much better in terms of security. But the process can also go incredibly fast compared to previous loan processes. There is no need to send paper back and forth. There is no need to scan loan documents which will then be sent. Now it is handled quickly and easily by signing with your digital signature. The money can often be available to you within minutes. Bank ID saw the light of day for the first time in 2010. It was launched as a global identification solution and has cured various childhood diseases and start-up errors.

We use the digital signature every day and it has made communication between citizens and the public much more manageable. Bank ID is a very smart solution because Bank ID is used both as your digital signature but also as a login to internet banking as well as when contacting the public authorities, such as at tax. It also means that most lenders do not require any type of security or documentation. Your Bank ID is the fastest route to an online loan.

What do I do? If you have chosen to take out a loan, you should do the following: You will receive at least three loan offers from different lenders. It does not cost to get loan offers but it can help you get the cheapest loan. Only when you have your loan offer can you see what interest the lender offers you. There may be money to save so it’s silly to skip that step. Once you have chosen the loan offer that suits you, you accept the offer with your digital signature.

See Sweden’s new Minilån where you can also borrow fast cash with Bank ID.

Borrow money without UC with Bank ID

money loan online

Borrowing money without UC with Bank ID – There are several players in the market who grant loans without UC. Message loans, Ferratum, Vivus and DayPay are examples of some of these lenders. They use Creditsafe instead when doing their credit assessment. You sign your loan application in a smooth, secure way with your e-ID, Bank ID. If you do not already have Bank ID you can contact your bank and you will get started quickly. You get one easy with your internet bank. Loans without UC are always on very small amounts and these are mainly fast loans and sms loans.

Loans without UC with e-leg

Loans without UC with e-leg from Ferratum. You can borrow up to SEK 25,000 without UC and you sign your loan application with your e-identification. You must be 21 years old to apply for a Ferratum loan. Depending on the amount, it may be possible to borrow money with a payment note. You may not have any debt with Kronofogden if you are to have a loan granted.

Borrowing money without Bank ID

Of course, it is also possible to get a loan without Bank ID, but it is a little more difficult because at least all lenders offer you to borrow money without Bank ID anymore. We have therefore made an overview of the lenders who still offer loans without Bank ID.