Loan with Bank ID and you can get the money today! Apply here!

On the one hand, the Swedish loan market has never been easier than going to today. The Internet has resulted in a number of new types of loans and payment options, eg. loans with Bank ID On the other hand, the variety of loan offerings may have meant that borrowers have reduced indulgence and understanding […]

Great knowledge of what E-Money loans really cost

No form of loan is as much debated as the E-Money loans. One reason why the form of loans is constantly questioned in the public forum is its high interest costs – which often leads to people with weak finances being indebted. But the knowledge of the real cost of E-Money loans among the public […]

Interest rates on the loan market on the way down

The lending industry is about to undergo a transformation that most people, especially the critics of the industry, probably found it difficult to predict just a few years ago. From making money at the highest interest rates, the new comparison services are about attracting customers to the credit companies by doing just the opposite, namely […]

Tighter amortization requirements and lower interest rates

Already this spring, the Banking Association recommended that anyone who subscribed for a mortgage for which the loan-to-value ratio was above 70% should be required to repay, first and foremost relatively quickly down to just 70%. Considering that banks and other players in mortgage lending generally follow the advice of the Banking Association, a clearer […]

Only $ 68 million in fines to banks for early repayment?

Below is the Good Finance’s press release on controls and procedures related to early repayment. Banks have paid a total of 68 million fines (or more precisely …). This amount corresponds to approximately 4-5 bank customers’ prepaid loans. While I, as a credit intermediary, could not help my former clients with the final repayment process, […]