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On the one hand, the Swedish loan market has never been easier than going to today.

The Internet has resulted in a number of new types of loans and payment options, eg. loans with Bank ID

money loan online

On the other hand, the variety of loan offerings may have meant that borrowers have reduced indulgence and understanding of having to borrow money. Often, people cannot understand and see the difference between the different loans. People cannot work out which loan is the cheapest. They feel cheated many times and feel that their loans were much more expensive than expected.

When you apply for a loan today in the Swedish loan market, most of the loan application is found online instead. Many say they have not considered turning to the bank. One can therefore wonder why people are increasingly choosing banks.

Is it because of the convenience or is it because you do not want to face a bank advisor? Or is it just because it is the fastest offer? Of course, there are different types of loans that are best suited for a personal meeting with your course advisor. When you need to buy a house or need a loan to a company, it is generally not recommended that you take care of everything from your sofa at home.

Loan with Bank ID – Money in your account today.

Loan with Bank ID - Money in your account today.

Lenders are many and they are all in fierce competition for customers. Therefore, they constantly try to improve their service to the customers. It is especially about opening hours. Thus, the customer can get in touch with the lender and get a loan with Bank ID. It’s also about speed. How quickly the customer can receive the money.

Therefore, many have introduced loans with Bank ID. Borrowing with Bank ID is the fastest way to get the hang of all types of loans. Whether it’s an SMS loan, fast loan or a traditional consumer loan, the whole loan process becomes much easier and faster if you do it with Bank ID.

When you use Bank ID for a loan application, the whole process becomes much better in terms of security. But the process can also go incredibly fast compared to previous loan processes. There is no need to send paper back and forth. There is no need to scan loan documents which will then be sent. Now it is handled quickly and easily by signing with your digital signature. The money can often be available to you within minutes. Bank ID saw the light of day for the first time in 2010. It was launched as a global identification solution and has cured various childhood diseases and start-up errors.

We use the digital signature every day and it has made communication between citizens and the public much more manageable. Bank ID is a very smart solution because Bank ID is used both as your digital signature but also as a login to internet banking as well as when contacting the public authorities, such as at tax. It also means that most lenders do not require any type of security or documentation. Your Bank ID is the fastest route to an online loan.

What do I do? If you have chosen to take out a loan, you should do the following: You will receive at least three loan offers from different lenders. It does not cost to get loan offers but it can help you get the cheapest loan. Only when you have your loan offer can you see what interest the lender offers you. There may be money to save so it’s silly to skip that step. Once you have chosen the loan offer that suits you, you accept the offer with your digital signature.

See Sweden’s new Minilån where you can also borrow fast cash with Bank ID.

Borrow money without UC with Bank ID

money loan online

Borrowing money without UC with Bank ID – There are several players in the market who grant loans without UC. Message loans, Ferratum, Vivus and DayPay are examples of some of these lenders. They use Creditsafe instead when doing their credit assessment. You sign your loan application in a smooth, secure way with your e-ID, Bank ID. If you do not already have Bank ID you can contact your bank and you will get started quickly. You get one easy with your internet bank. Loans without UC are always on very small amounts and these are mainly fast loans and sms loans.

Loans without UC with e-leg

Loans without UC with e-leg from Ferratum. You can borrow up to SEK 25,000 without UC and you sign your loan application with your e-identification. You must be 21 years old to apply for a Ferratum loan. Depending on the amount, it may be possible to borrow money with a payment note. You may not have any debt with Kronofogden if you are to have a loan granted.

Borrowing money without Bank ID

Of course, it is also possible to get a loan without Bank ID, but it is a little more difficult because at least all lenders offer you to borrow money without Bank ID anymore. We have therefore made an overview of the lenders who still offer loans without Bank ID.

Great knowledge of what E-Money loans really cost

No form of loan is as much debated as the E-Money loans. One reason why the form of loans is constantly questioned in the public forum is its high interest costs – which often leads to people with weak finances being indebted.

But the knowledge of the real cost of E-Money loans among the public still seems to be very limited, at least if the results of a new survey conducted by Länsförsäkringar have been made.

The costs of E-Money loans and the reasons why

The recent survey in which 1,026 respondents were asked about the costs of E-Money loans and the reasons why they choose to take this type of loan. The result is almost astonishing. The survey shows that three out of four Swedes do not know what the actual final cost will be for an E-Money loan.

The ignorance is higher among women than men and there are more elderly than younger who do not know. Three out of ten men against two out of ten women stated the correct cost of the loan.

The level of education and income also affect


The lower the education, the higher the ignorance of the cost of the loan. Similarly, it is with income. Those with lower incomes had a much harder time calculating the cost.

When asked why people believe that people use E-Money loans, the answers were spread over several alternatives, but most votes were given the option “To solve situations where you temporarily lack money”. Almost the most votes were given the choice “It is easy to take a E-Money loan” and just as many felt that what causes E-Money borrowing is “that you are constantly living over your assets”.

About the survey


During week 45, 2012, a sample of 1,026 respondents, representative of Sweden’s population in terms of the variables gender, age and region, aged 15-80 years, were interviewed about E-Money loans.

The interviews were conducted with the help of web interviews by Fast Answers on behalf of Länsförsäkringar. Background questions in the survey are, gender, age, income and education.

The following questions were asked:

  • What do you think you can pay for a so-called E-Money loan if you borrow USD 1,000 for ten months and the simple annual interest rate is 691 percent?
  • Which of the following reasons do you think is the most common when taking a E-Money loan? (enter max 2 options)

    The following options were available to choose from:

  1. It is easy to take out a E-Money loan
  2. In order not to borrow from the bank
  3. To solve situations where there is a temporary shortage of money
  4. To constantly live over their assets
  5. To pay a debt
  6. Do not know

Interest rates on the loan market on the way down

The lending industry is about to undergo a transformation that most people, especially the critics of the industry, probably found it difficult to predict just a few years ago. From making money at the highest interest rates, the new comparison services are about attracting customers to the credit companies by doing just the opposite, namely by helping customers find the lowest fees and interest rates.

Since the fast loans broke through a few years ago, not only the form of loans but the industry as a whole has been tamped with an occasional undeserved bad reputation. It is true that the agility and easy accessibility of fast loans from time to time have resulted in high interest rates and fees that, in some cases, have hit careless customers in the form of costs that far exceed the loan amount. Costs that are indebted, not infrequently young people, in situations that have gone so far that debt relief has been taken.

However, it is true that nobody benefits from working in a suspicious industry and there is an ongoing process where the loan industry seems to be on the road to self-cleaning. Customers have simply learned that it can go bad if you are careless in connection with quick loans and once you have learned, either through your own experiences or through such things as you have heard from friends and acquaintances, then you make sure not to get into situations that you can’t handle.


Technical progress and competition

Technical progress and competition

The credit market is constantly growing. People who previously, due to low incomes or due to poor choices or negligence suffered by, for example, payment complaints, were unable to obtain any loans from any of the traditional, established banks or credit institutions, now have completely different opportunities. Inevitably, this meant that borrowers suffered from a variety of reasons for setbacks, either because they did not keep track of what loans, interest rates and fees meant for their own finances, calculated in USD and the penny. However, the industry, in order to survive, has not been able to let fast loans become something of a curse, but instead developed technical tools, partly to cope with the competition and partly to show to borrowers and the media that you are not looking to fool people.

The new comparison services quickly and efficiently show which lenders have more favorable interest rates than their competitors, which of course these competitors must relate to. Of course, the lenders must continue to charge interest rates, otherwise the industry would not exist and a large part of the borrowers would agree if not worse alternatives so in any case significantly less, but the point is that competition nowadays is not between those who charge the highest interest rates without between those who can offer their customers the best deal. Something that can give both fast loans and other similar loan forms a credibility that they previously lacked.


To think of as a customer

market loan

Like all other occasions when it comes to loans, of course, quick loans also mean that one should be careful and always be sure that one’s finances hold for interest and fees. You should also study several different lenders, which can pay off in the long run.

Tighter amortization requirements and lower interest rates

Already this spring, the Banking Association recommended that anyone who subscribed for a mortgage for which the loan-to-value ratio was above 70% should be required to repay, first and foremost relatively quickly down to just 70%. Considering that banks and other players in mortgage lending generally follow the advice of the Banking Association, a clearer amortization requirement has emerged in 2014. But already, half a year later, the association wants to tighten the requirements even further.

On October 7, the Banking Association issued the recommendation that amortization requirements should apply to all new mortgages for which the loan-to-value ratio is 50% or more. This is a sharpening of the previous recommendation, and the new principle meets significantly more potential borrowers than applies if the repayment requirement is first updated at a loan-to-value ratio of 70%. There are very few who can pay more than half the cost of a new home with cash, which means that you have to start repaying relatively large sums already in the first quarter after moving in.


Both positive and negative for the borrowers

Both positive and negative for the borrowers

For the individual borrower, the stricter amortization requirement can of course be perceived as negative. Before there was any repayment requirement at all, many borrowers chose to have the mortgage as non-repayable during the first years, because it still entails greater costs to move in, renovate and arrange in the new home. For some, it was a way to keep the cost down when they moved to a new city and then, for example, in a little more peace and quiet, for example, be able to look for new job in the resort.


The bank’s new position has emerged

The bank

Mainly from a macro perspective. In a statement from Swedbank, it appears that the bank views this new requirement as positive because it is a step in the direction that both the authorities and the Save Con Bank want to take. What is then primarily aimed at is the overheated housing market. In comparison with residents in many other countries, the Swede is very heavily mortgaged and if the housing bubble bursts, there is the risk that many highly mortgaged homeowners end up in a difficult position. By having an early (and clear!) Amortization requirement reduces the risk that a “real estate crisis”, similar to the one that occurred in the US a few years ago and which the world economy is still struggling to cope with, occurs. This change in the amortization requirement also increases the chance that the repo rate will be lowered slightly during autumn or winter 2014 according to Swedbank.

Stricter demands and lower interest rates – whether it is positive or negative for the borrower, depends mainly on the financial situation you are in. Clearly, amortization is still a type of savings. However, with the new amortization requirements, savings will be seen as compulsory savings.

Borrow $100,000 without collateral and use whatever you want – Private Loan

A loan of $ 100,000 may be necessary when the kitchen needs renovation or as a cash contribution when you buy a home. Sometimes the buffer is not enough and you need to borrow $ 100,000 quickly.

Compare private loans directly

For these amounts, it is recommended that you take out a private loan. With a private loan you lend unsecured. This means you can do whatever you want with the money. You can use them to renovate at home, buy a snowmobile or whatever you want. But do not forget that everything you borrow and a little more will be repaid.


Before applying for $ 100,000

money loan

When applying for a loan, you first need to consider how much you need. If you borrow too little, you risk having to take additional loans, but if you borrow too much it can be unnecessarily expensive. It is therefore important to compare the different lenders available to see so you get the best option for you.

Finding lenders that offer you to apply for a loan of $ 100,000 without UC is usually no problem. Many lenders today use alternative credit reports. This means that your credit rating is not affected to the same extent as if they had used UC. Maintaining creditworthiness is important for larger loans and credits.


Interest rates do not differ much between different lenders

Interest rates do not differ much between different lenders

But when you borrow larger sums that have maturities of several years, it also makes little difference. It is also important that you check what fees are charged in addition to the interest rate. There may be fees such as a set-up fee or an additional charge. These fees can quickly make a loan more expensive than intended.

When it comes to maturities for private loans, you can choose longer times. There are lenders who have up to 15 years in maturity when you borrow $ 100,000. This means that the opportunity to choose how much you want to pay off each month is slightly larger than on smaller loans. The longer the maturity you have, the less the monthly fee will be. But keep in mind that your finances will withstand the running costs. If you cannot pay off your loan, the delay fees are usually very expensive.

Only $ 68 million in fines to banks for early repayment?

Below is the Good Finance’s press release on controls and procedures related to early repayment. Banks have paid a total of 68 million fines (or more precisely …). This amount corresponds to approximately 4-5 bank customers’ prepaid loans. While I, as a credit intermediary, could not help my former clients with the final repayment process, many people told me about their bitter experience, which is why I believe that banks did not always justifiably reject a client’s loan application . Is the $ 68 million fine proportional?

Fixed rate early repayments

Fixed rate early repayments

“So far, the Good Finance has carried out nearly a hundred targeted investigations and procedures initiated following individual consumer protection submissions because of problems with fixed rate early repayments.

The Good Financial Supervisory Authority (Good Financial Supervisory Authority) has been closely monitoring compliance with the laws on fixed repayment at the fixed exchange rate since its entry into force in late September 2011 in order to protect consumer interests.

Analyzed the practices of financial institutions


Based on the consumers’ notices and submissions, the Good Finance launched targeted investigations and thematic investigations in order to detect and eliminate possible violations affecting a wide range of clients. In this context, the Authority regularly analyzed the practices of financial institutions and imposed measures and fines to prevent breaches affecting a wide range of consumers.

Since October last year, the Good Finance has been contacted by tens of thousands of consumers about the early repayment by letter, in person, by phone. As a result, the Good Finance has launched a targeted investigation into 19 cases of suspected bad practices affecting a wider range of consumers, and 67 additional inquiries into individual consumer issues.

Charge the costs related to the final repayment


The Good Finance’s early repayment audits included, among other things, the content of forms used by financial organizations; to apply the terms and conditions contained in the forms; to charge the costs related to the final repayment; issue a certificate of early repayment or a mortgage cancellation permit within the time limit; the practice of early repayment of foreign currency loans alongside foreign currency loans; to assess eligibility for the use of the preferential exchange rate, taking into account the rate applied at the time the loan is disbursed.

Submit a claim form for early repayment


Recently, the Good Finance has also launched a thematic inquiry into 6 institutions based on consumer feedback received. Many customers complained that their final repayment failed despite having met all the prerequisites, provided all the necessary proofs, and had the required collateral, even a forint loan successfully applied for from the same credit institution. However, at the very end of the early repayment process, financial institutions claimed that, at the time, the first step was not to submit a claim form for early repayment. A supervisory investigation on this topic is still ongoing.

The Good Finance has so far imposed more than HUF 68 million in consumer protection fines in the course of its inspections of closed-end fixed-rate repayments by financial institutions . ”